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Want to Sell Your Rental Property? 

Owning a rental home is no easy game. It’s a journey full of rewards, challenges, and some stressful nights. And it doesn’t matter how experienced or successful you are. There comes a time in your journey when you must deal with bad tenants, loss, and evictions. You handover a beautiful home, but after a few months, you see a mess. We won’t go into the details. 

Being a part of the investment community, we have seen those things firsthand. Nothing does more harm to a property than a “problem tenant.” Through this business, we aim to help landlords like you in all types of situations. 

We buy houses in Fresno, CA. Sell as-is without paying expensive agent commissions. We pay you the highest cash price for your property within 14 days. No repairs or hassles. Just a simple and easy sale process designed for your needs. Get your no-obligation, 100% free cash offer.

Meet Jason: 

My name is Jason, and I am here to assist you. Since 2014, I have been buying houses in the Central Valley while working with homeowners in different situations. It can be a foreclosure or probate that’s bothering you, but my team can help you. We can provide the necessary guidance to help you move forward. We buy houses in Fresno, and most of the homes are in distressed condition. But that doesn’t stop us from paying a fair price. That’s what sets us apart from others. We buy houses in all types of situations. If you have a home that needs repairs, we can pay you an honest price, and you won’t have to worry about repairs. 

We also love renovating houses to add value to the local neighborhood. If you want to meet us or would like to schedule a call, please visit this link. 

Jason Pritchard buys houses Fresno CA

How We Buy Houses in Fresno

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Call our home specialist team to discuss a solution or request a cash offer.

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At your convenience, sign the sales agreement.

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Close in 14 days or on your timeline.

We Buy Houses Fast

We Buy Rental Properties

We buy houses in Fresno, CA, and that includes rental properties with problem tenants. It’s our goal to help landlords find a way out of this situation. 

  • Tired of Being a Landlord: It’s stressful to manage a property along with a full-time job. Mortgage payments and maintenance costs eat most of the profit. If that describes your situation, you can benefit by selling your home for cash. We buy houses with tenants. So you can sell your house even if tenants are not willing to leave the property. 

  • Tenants Won’t Allow You Inside: The chances are that everything is fine between you and the tenants. Then you announce the sale of your home, and your tenants are not happy about that. They might keep the house dirty and unpresentable or might not allow you inside the house. If that’s the situation, give us a call because we buy houses with tenants. So even if the property is occupied, we can make you an offer. Sometimes we have to make an offer even without seeing the interior, but we’ll do our best to accommodate your requests. 

  • A Damaged Rental Property: Sometimes, tenants intentionally damage your property. You can see the damage is not the result of regular wear & tear. We can guide in such situations. You might need to use the eviction process, but that results in a further loss for you. Connect with us to discuss an appropriate solution. 

I Must Sell My House with Problem Tenants

Managing a rental property seems great on paper. Everything looks polished, and you seem to earn a profit every month. However, most landlords have seen the other side of the story. You don’t make a profit every month. Sometimes the house remains vacant for months. At other times you have to use eviction procedures because of problem tenants. The mortgage structure might not favor your endeavors. Negative cash flow is also a common concern. The property’s condition is critical because it’s rare to find a tenant who cares about the house. 

If you’re worried because of bad tenants, missed payments, negative cash flow, or repairs, you might benefit from a cash sale. With a cash sale, you can sell your house fast in 14 days. It doesn’t matter whether the home is occupied or not. The condition doesn’t matter. Most landlords will agree that repairing a damaged home is an expensive choice. You have already lost money because of vacancy rates, evictions, and missed payments. Fixing the home will require more funds. It would be better to leave that job to experts. Let them handle the matter while you relax and wait for the funds. 

At 559 Home Buyers we buy houses in Fresno, CA. In less than 24 hours, we can provide you with a fair cash offer. If you agree on the price, we can purchase in 14 days or whenever you want. That way, you can let go of the property (and the problem tenants) and have cash in your account. For many people, that results in debt relief and financial relief. You can invest your funds in an alternative channel for a better ROI. 

Sell Your House Fast in Fresno, CA

We can buy your CA house. Contact us today!

Even if an agent can’t sell your house, we can help. (Sometimes selling a home through a real estate agent is not for everyone.)

And as a bonus…

  1. You don’t need to clean up and repair the property at all. We take care of that for you!
  2. No need to wait for months or weeks. You can complete the sale in just 14 days. 
  3. You won’t need to sign a contract that binds you to an agent for several months. 
  4. No dealing with paperwork, delays, commissions, or hassles. 

Jason helped me navigate through all of the options…”

“We needed to quickly sell my father-in-law’s home. The house was dilapidated. Jason helped me navigate through all of the options we had. Thanks to his advice, we ultimately sold the house for a better-than-expected price.” 

Jolene Polyack

“… positive and inviting.”

“I have attended several of Jason’s Meetup’s and the energy within this group has always been positive and inviting. When my schedule permits my wife and I drive 2 hours to attend because we feel the value Jason and his guests bring to this group is extraordinary.

Rick Wilkinson

We’ll know very quickly if we can help you, and unlike selling through an agent, you don’t have to wait to see if the buyer can get financing… we’re ready to buy right now!

Any Reason

  • Inherited Properties
  • Relocation
  • Upgrading
  • Downsizing
  • Foreclosure
  • Major Repairs Needed
  • Divorce
  • Bankruptcy
  • Health Issues

Any Condition

  • Old, Outdated Houses
  • New Houses
  • Storm Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Termite Damage
  • Full of Stuff or Trash
  • Major Repairs Needed
  • Problem Tenants
  • Unfinished Construction

Any Challenge

  • Financial Issues
  • Title Issues
  • Code Violations
  • Hoarder Home
  • Low Equity
  • Large Liens
  • Out of Area Property
  • Family Matters
  • Late on Mortgage Payment

We Pay Honest Prices

It’s crucial that you’re paid the most honest price for your home. Our experience shows that most of our clients are not looking for a significant windfall on their properties. The houses are not in good condition, and they are dealing with foreclosure, negative equity, probate, or evictions. We help in such situations, and we also offer you a straightforward offer calculation process. 

As we receive your request, we pull local data to understand the prices in your local neighborhood. Then we calculate the cost of repairs to make your home sellable. Once done, we can present you with a cash offer. There is no obligation whatsoever. You’re not obliged to work with us. You can take the offer, review it, maybe discuss it with others, and let us know your thoughts. 

Our goal is to help make your life easier and get you out from under the property that’s stressing you out… while still paying a fast, fair, and honest price for your house.

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Our goal is to provide you with a smooth selling process so you can take the next steps. We help property owners like you in all kinds of situations: foreclosure, evictions, mortgage issues, death, divorce, or burdensome properties. The reason doesn’t matter because we’re willing to work with you. Just let us know about the property and sell your house fast for cash

We buy houses in Fresno, CA 93711 and all surrounding areas in CA. If you need to sell your house fast in CA, connect with us… we’d love to make you a fair no-obligation no-hassle offer. Take it or leave it. You’ve got nothing to lose 🙂