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Who Are We? 

559 Home Buyers is a family-owned house buying firm in Fresno. As individuals and as a team, we love helping homeowners in different situations. We’re passionate about finding a solution where all else fails. There can be a path even in regions of dark. You just need a tiny spark to light the entire area. We hope our experience can give you inspiration and the courage to take the next steps. 

If you want to sell a house, don’t worry about the expenses or the condition. We buy houses in all kinds of situations, and we can provide you an honest (fair) price without all the work. You can try our no-obligation, private consultation, and get your cash offer. Then you can decide about the next steps.

How We Work With Homeowners

Curious about our process? We know you’re not going to sell to just anyone. Rest assured, we’re here to answer all your queries. Want to know how we buy houses? How we calculate the pricing? What’s the timeline? Give us a call or leave a message here. Our team will address your concerns and will send you the invitation for a free consultation.

Meet Jason

My name is Jason, and I am here to assist you. Since 2014, I have been buying houses in the Central Valley while working with homeowners in different situations. It can be a foreclosure or probate that’s bothering you, but my team can help you. We can provide the necessary guidance to help you move forward. We buy houses in Fresno, and most of the homes are in distressed condition. But that doesn’t stop us from paying a fair price. That’s what sets us apart from others. We buy houses in all types of situations. If you have a home that needs repairs, we can pay you an honest price, and you won’t have to worry about repairs. 

Jason Pritchard buys houses Fresno CA

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Sell My House Fast: What’re the Pros and Cons?

Download our FREE Guide here. You can sell your house fast for cash in Fresno. However, there are specific pros & cons that you need to consider. Download this free guide to review the numbers. Please feel free to call us so we can tell you more about these options.